Drifting: A Novel by Dave Cook & Matthew Drury

"Great Science Fiction... up there with Asimov..."

Drifting is a science-fiction novel from the creative minds of award-winning games journalist Dave Cook and bestselling author Matthew Drury, with cover art by Ryan Valle. Originally pitched to 2000 AD as a graphic novel, Drifting has been developed into a full-fledged novel inspired by the likes of Isaac Asimov and other legendary pioneers of the genre. The book is now available in digital (Kindle) and deluxe hardcover editions. Keep checking back here for further updates as and when they happen!

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"What is an android's dream?"

The Fury. An ancient force so vast and illusive that most believe it to be a fairy tale of space. Hibernating for billions of years, it is something that has returned countless times...

Luna, an android, is the sole survivor of the Fury's last feeding cycle. She has drifted across space for millions of years, haunted by dreams and fragments of memory from a time long passed.

Now, with the Fury returning once again, Luna must join forces with the human crew of the UAAC Harlequin to further investigate the ancient cataclysm, in an attempt to understand it, and survive it again.

But can the humans really trust this android? And what use can their efforts really be against the forces of a primal monster that gave birth to the stars at the beginning of time, as it has done for countless eons...?

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The Creative Team


Matthew Drury is a bestselling novelist and producer living in Los Angeles County, California. He was born in England and spent much of his early life in Sittingbourne, a Kentish town forty miles south-east of London. He published his first mass-market science-fiction novel in 2011 and now runs his own record label and publishing studio. Matthew lives in California with his wife Marci, and their two children Lois and Jackson. Follow him on Twitter @OfficialMDrury

Born in 1983, Dave Cook is a multi award-winning videogame critic and Deputy Editor at VG247 (link). He resides in Edinburgh, Scotland with his partner Rachel. He has a degree in journalism and has written for a variety of gaming, tech and culture sites/publications around the world. He also pens short comic scripts and can be followed on Twitter @davescook.

Ryan Valle is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer working out of Kansas City, MO. His illustration work is primarily Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and Comic art and has appeared in ImagineFX magazine, as well as Fantasy Flight Games’ STAR WARS™ The Card Game

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